Established in 2016, Trek House is an oasis for those who value fitness and serenity. Our private club offers a calm environment away from the anxiety of a large gym. 


 The Trek House was created to make fitness more personal. We keep our class sizes small, so our instructors are able to give personalized directions and accommodations. We offer both group and private options so you can always find a class or session to meet your needs. 


  Our staff is highly certified and will elevate your practice and strengthen your body to further see incredible results.

"You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions."
- Joseph Pilates



Owner + Pilates, Conditioning & MAT

After undergoing open-heart surgery in 2003, I quickly learned the importance of body conditioning. Discovering Pilates and learning how to breathe and move properly became life-changing! After incorporating Pilates principles to my training I began to notice a huge difference in my performance. Beginning with Classical Pilates I quickly found myself wanting more and mixed Pilates with my strength training. I have been STOTT Pilates certified in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels for over 10 years, TRX Certified, and a Muscle Activation Techniques practitioner. My goal for Trek House is to provide individualized care to the Houston community.


I developed my passion for movement at a young age with dance. I attended HSPVA in Houston and then danced professionally with AdDeum Dance Company before pursuing my education at Texas A&M University.  While I was at Texas A&M I raced on the triathlon team and taught Barre Pilates and dance. I graduated with a B.S. in Sports Conditioning with minors in Public Health and Coaching. I'm currently in school to be a Physical Therapy Assistant and continue to teach dance. I'm also currently going through my STOTT Pilates mat and reformer certification. I'm a high energy instructor and love to share my passion for fitness with my clients while helping them achieve their fitness goals. 


Growing up in Hawai’i I spent most of my time outdoors; hiking, swimming, surfing, biking, you name it. These activities bought me happiness but over time I realized how “hard” I had been on my body. This realization brought me to Pilates. It became a way to heal and restore as well as increase my strength without risking injury. Pilates is not only exercise and physical therapy but also a mental therapy, aligning body, mind, and spirit. When I moved to Houston, I decided to explore my passion further by enrolling in the STOTT Pilates mat and reformer certification. My goal as a teacher is to create an environment that focuses on connecting mind and body through the power of breath, body awareness and strength in a welcoming community. 

Pilates, Conditioning & Yoga

Growing up in Houston, I played competitive sports and continued competing as an adult. Once my children began playing sports, I began coaching their teams and started competing in triathlons. I began to expand my fitness and health journey after bulging two discs. During the next four years, I discovered a balance between strength, conditioning, and flexibility.  I picked up certifications in a wide variety of fitness genres from functional strength, cycle, yoga and personal training. In 2016 I began Olympic lifting, qualified, and took home silver medals in the Pan American Weightlifting championship two years in a row. I believe the best way to move well is to move often and in a variety of modalities. My goal is to help others do the same.

Pilates & Conditioning

After I discovered Pilates seven years ago while living in Norwalk, CT my perspective on fitness and how proper form, control, and commitment can maximize strength totally changed. There are many benefits to staying fit with Pilates; it’s fun, the community is strong, and staying connected to mind, body, and soul. My goal is to help both men and women recognize this and remember that age is just a number. I believe that making time for yourself is one of the most important things a person can do. I want to support you in achieving your fitness goals and guiding you on your own trek. I will be here for you every step of the way! 


In my 20's I started practicing yoga because my body was always in pain. I was fit and always exercising but something was missing. 7 years ago I started my first Vinyasana training in Houston. This is Yoga for fitness, it focuses on build muscle and lose weight. The same year I decided to travel to India to study hatha and meditation to be focus on mindfulness, relaxation, stress relief, and techniques to combat anxiety and externalize feelings.

Massage Therapy

Worked in the spa industry since 2000. Four seasons hotel and Trellis the Spa at The Houstonian just to mention a few. Has had the privilege to work with elite clients such as former president Bush Sr, people in the entertainment industry, opera singers, musicians and professional athletes with sport's injuries with chronic pain. As well as many local golfers, triathlon athletes and marathon runners that push their bodies to the limit. Specializes in neuromuscular, sports, deep tissue,  trigger point, sciatica, hot stones,  Swedish and prenatal. As well as post surgical massage know as sculpting and Lymphatic. Fluent in Spanish and pet lover!


I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA). A born and raised Houstonian, I received my degree from UH in something completely unrelated to fitness (ask me about it). However, I believe fitness and training are all about increasing your personal power. An increase in physical performance is a direct increase in your power as a human being. My favorite power increasing activities are powerlifting and rock climbing. Focus on improving performance, increasing your power, and the abs will come, quick!


I was born and raised in Lebanon, but have been in Houston long enough to witness the fitness evolution!  I am very proud to be part of Houston’s ever-growing fitness scene. I was always an active person and it was important for me that my children be active as well. I enrolled my children and myself in as many arts and methods of movements and about 10 years ago my daughter and I became intrigued with Pilates.  The power of breath! The deeper moves! The new range of motions! We were hooked and knew we wanted to spread the rewards of Pilates. I am STOTT certified in Mat and Reformer Pilates and thoroughly enjoy teaching them both!

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I found Pilates and fell in love with the way it made my body feel strong, yet supple and also helped me cope with the various injuries I had acquired over the years. I am an avid equestrian competing in Dressage. Riding horses requires an enormous amount of core strength to balance and stay on the horse! I am STOTT reformer certified and have noticed the strength, mobility and balance established through pilates has helped me to improve my riding. My favorite quote by Moshe Feldenkreis does a beautiful job of describing pilates, "The

impossible becomes possible. The possible becomes easy and the easy becomes elegant."





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